Tania Elizabeth is a woman who is making her mark within the literary world in more ways than one. Tania is the author of the inimitable and exquisite fantasy series, The Tier of Eternal Grace; a captivating tale of breathless beauty, of daring adventure, of spiritual enlightenment, of fear and passions of love. She is also founder and director at Tier of Eternal Pty Ltd®, advocate for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, motivational speaker and mother to three incredible souls. Tania is also a prominent member of the Gold Coast Writers Association.

Book One, The Moon Clearing was a journey of many paths for Tania – one of enchantment and love, one of painful memory and growth; one of eternal connection with the faerie, but more importantly with oneself. Book Two, The Mirrors Shadow was a dance with all her dreams ever so more.The Souls Cry, the third and final piece to this intricate tale was then brought to life with much anticipation, drawing all questions out, and all answers pronounced. Elizabeth crafts a tale of every possible desire when it comes to story telling. She not only winds an enchanting narrative to lose oneself within, but Tania also finds ways in which to weave her inspirational essence into every pages stroke. Part fantastic adventure, and part metaphysical discourse, The Tier of Eternal Grace is a multi-faceted narrative centered on the purity of one’s essence, of one’s divine soul.A novel series that enthralls fans of fantasy, and casual readers alike.

As a lover of poetry from a very young age, Tania’s writing style has been described as exquisite lyricism, harking back to a time where thy cultured form was both revered and celebrated. It has been said that not only are her booksintoxicating, but that the words withinare equally thought provoking and refreshing.

Tania Elizabeth has lived a life of many stories all her own. With an incredibly colourful background, and not always that of which she would care to recall, Tania never allows her past to hold her back from living her every heart’s desire. Through passion, belief, trust and sheer determination, Tania stands by theconvictionthat anything is possible and that dreams really do come true.