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3 days and counting.

Tier of Eternal, Magic, Spells, Jewellery

“Where magic and truth unite.”

What began as a dream and a vision of faerie, was soon to present itself as so much more.

It’s beautiful and strangely funny to think that almost four years ago I saw only a spirit of an idea.  Me… write a book? How could I ever? I’d never considered showing any of my written work to another before. Though the vision, the idea, the calling, whatever you’d like to call it… it remained persistent and wouldn’t let go.

So I wrote! Then I wrote some more, and some more, and before I knew it, the idea was in black and white before my eyes. I felt it in my veins, in my every passing breath. The faeries world no longer just a vision… it was my truth!

But even then I knew that the books were only the beginning. Again, I’d seen visions of too many things to count. The beauty within all I’d seen was that everything to come was to inspire, to help, to teach the world of something more than that which laid before their feet.

Tania Elizabeth Founder and Director

Tania Elizabeth
Founder and Director

“One step at a time,” I’d have to remind myself.

Some know parts of my story, while others will come to in due time. Though I am so excited to be launching Tier of Eternal’s unique collection of jewellery, crystals and dream weavers.

Every single piece within the collection has been specifically designed and handmade of the highest quality. Each piece attaining an element of magic – be it to heal, enhance or inspire, and every piece has been cleansed and powered beneath the light of a full moon. This only reinforcing the magic held.

3 days and counting.

AEST Monday the 30th of November, Tier of Eternal, will be live, and will be available for all your desires come true.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Love and faerie kisses,

Tania Elizabeth xo