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To dance within the terror.

Too Late
Eyes now opened ~ Lightning cracks ~ Thunder struck ~ No white or black ~ All’s unknown ~ No choice of fight ~ Fears are forced ~ Defeat his sight ~ Powers strong ~ No time to fall ~ Though is it enough ~ Divine will, now on call…
His eyes shot opened. His head felt like a dreaded storm of pounding thunder and lightning crack. His body lay calm in no movement, yet his heart did beat a thousand currents struck. For three heartbeats all was black. It was still. It was quiet. And then… “Aaahhhhh!” He was back in a world of no knowing, the pain held strong, his fear in pursuit. His eyes moved ever so swiftly in the direction that He was coming.
Too late!

As one reviewer wrote, “This is fantasy writing at its best. I was immediately pulled into Tania’s wonderful descriptions of her magical land. Tania Elizabeth’s book is a joy to behold as she expertly weaves her own magic throughout this delicious concoction of love, desire, faith and mysticism and above all an unseen passion that has certainly inspired this reader.