Crystal Directory


 As light beings electing to have a human experience upon the plains of Mother Earth’s soils, the interconnectedness between self and source can never be severed. Be it the seen and unseen, or our Great Mother and the spirit of the Divine that runs through us all... it is for always held in union. Manifestations of ethereal magic and mystique can be found in the infinite creations of the universe. Crystals being one such formation to which beholds the healing light and energy from that in which we originate… Divine Love. Thus, with faith and trust, these precious stones are invaluable supports to the spiritual experience and evolution of one’s mind, body and spirit.

The information found within this Crystal Directory has been compiled intuitively and in combination with mineralogy and metaphysical data offered by crystal enthusiasts worldwide. Through purposeful attunement to the vibration of each stone, a great deal of care and pleasure is taken when spending time with the energy that radiates from the crystals.

Tier of Eternal is happy to provide insight and guidance to these gifts from our Great Mother.     

The Crystal Directory will be updated on a regular basis - additional crystals being added all the time.




Whilst modern science may not have uncovered anything magical about Pearls, there are few crystal and gemstone enthusiasts who will debate the energetic vibrations they behold.

Worn in jewellery by women for centuries, Pearls are cherished for their undeniable femininity, calming essence and the graceful elegance they infuse within their caretakers.  Used in numerous ancient cultures to unite women with their inner Goddess, Pearls host a very definitive feminine energy.

Said to symbolise the very best and innate nature within us all, Pearls attune one to the authentic purity and innocence held in one’s heart and soul.

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