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Aventurine - Green

Invites Abundance and Prosperity

Creates Luck and Opportunities for Success

Promotes Heart Health and Emotional Healing

Boasts a Connection to the Earth and Devic Realm

Inspires Inner Harmony and Tranquillity

A Powerhouse of Manifestation

Invites Abundance And Prosperity

Invites Abundance And Prosperity

Creates Opportunity

Creates Opportunity

Inspires Inner Harmony

Inspires Inner Harmony

Promoting Compassion and Empathy

Promoting Compassion And Empathy

Stone of Fertility and Progress

Stone Of Fertility And Progress

Connecting to Earth Energy and Devic Realm

Connecting To Earth Energy And Devic Realm

Dissolves Stresses

Dissolves Stresses

Aids Stillness in Meditation

Aids Stillness In Meditation

Green Aventurine, well-known as the ‘stone of opportunity’, is a powerhouse of abundance, manifestation, fertility, and prosperity. Known especially for its ability to attract wealth, Aventurine not only invites abundance, but it aligns conditions so that the opportunity for ‘luck and chance’ are on one’s side. 

As a stone of fertility and progress, Green Aventurine has a strong connection to the Earth energy and the Devic kingdom, fostering new growth and facilitating the understanding of nature’s soothing vibrations upon one’s being.

Releasing old patterns and bad habits, Green Aventurine replaces negativity with optimism and passion, enabling forward progression without tethers to the past or to those whom hold one back.

Stimulating creativity, developing leadership skills, decisiveness and motivation, Green Aventurine lends strength to persevering through life’s obstacles with a hearty sense of humour.


As a green stone, symbolic of heart healing and loving essence, Green Aventurine is especially adept at healing matters of the heart, such as trauma, loss, feelings of abandonment and grief.

Promoting compassion and empathy, and embodying the healing energy of Mother Earth, Green Aventurine encourages personal growth alongside the attainment of sound physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

As a restorative stone, of purifying essence, Green Aventurine guides one towards a full and happy life, ripe with the manifestation of one’s deepest desires.



Green Aventurine has gentle, soothing energies geared towards balancing the emotional body while healing past emotional wounds. Enhancing the will to recognise the issues and triggers behind imbalance or depression, Green Aventurine guides the soul towards inner harmony.

Heartache, destructive patterns and unhealthy relationships all come under the light of understanding as Green Aventurine facilitates the identification, and then the release of self-defeatist behaviours. Releasing the notion that everything needs to be analysed, Green Aventurine encourages taking things in stride, viewing life’s hardships or obstacles not as permanence, but rather as an opportunity for awareness and growth in an alternate direction.


Calming the nerves, soothing anger and irritation, Green Aventurine dissolves the stresses that arise from a hectic lifestyle.

Quietening the mind of roving thoughts and heightened emotions, Green Aventurine aids stillness in meditation, assisting one’s mind to hone in on manifesting the blessings and guidance one seeks in order to steer one’s life in the direction of one’s choosing.

Green Aventurine’s gentle, grounding energy has a soothing effect on the vibrational field, inspiring a feeling of lightness, conducive to preparing for sleep and induced meditation. Stimulating joy, optimism and hope, Green Aventurine acts as an emotional anchor in times of distressing change, providing one with the reassurance to feel grounded, safe and stable. 



Green Aventurine is the stone par excellence for the heart, assisting treatments for cardiac conditions, circulation issues, and recovery after illness or surgery. Dispelling life force throughout the body, Green Aventurine fosters mobility during physical regeneration and healing.

Benefitting fertility and boosting the power of homeopathic remedies, Green Aventurine aides a wealth of physical conditions: lowering cholesterol absorption, reducing the risk of heart attacks, healing the adrenals and nervous system. Green Aventurine also helps eye conditions such as farsightedness, astigmatism and dyslexia.


Said to aid treatment of skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea and allergies, Green Aventurine soothes the skin and provides pain relief from these conditions.

Calling upon the healing energies of Mother Earth, Green Aventurine boosts one’s general health, intuitively alleviating a wide range of ailments. Wearing Aventurine jewellery, or carrying or placing this stone directly upon the body also helps absorb electromagnetic smog and guards against environmental pollution.



Green Aventurine balances the masculine and feminine energies, uniting intellectual, emotional, physical and auric bodies. This promotes living within the heart.

As a harmonizing stone, Green Aventurine dissolves negativity, and fosters the release of attachment to outcomes. Embracing change, renewal and emotional calm, Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer, encouraging one to be present and embrace one’s life experiences, bringing emotional discord back into order.

As a powerful guardian of the heart, providing an energy shield against energy vampires and those who wish to infiltrate the energy of another, Green Aventurine clears and activates the Heart Chakra.

Green crystals dissolve blockages and rebalance heart energy, allowing one to understand one’s individual needs and emotions with clarity. Fostering acceptance of all that is, Green Aventurine helps one understand one’s relationships, and the inevitable changes those unions experience.



The Heart Chakra - located near the centre of the breastbone, operates on the physical and emotional planes, providing the love that nourishes our spiritual existence, and houses the Holy Spirit within us all.

Allowing love to be the centre of one’s being, the Heart Chakra provides healing growth on a panoramic level, regulating one’s interaction and responses to the external world. What one embraces of oneself, alongside all that one resists or denies, searches for ways to be triggered, arising within this Chakra for healing.

The Heart Chakra represents love, brotherhood, unity, peace and joy, speaking of the sacredness in all things. An imbalance within the Heart Chakra prohibits one from freely being oneself in external environments, often leading to extreme responses to trivial stimuli, leaving one open to or causing one to subject others to controlling behaviours.


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