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Aventurine - Red

Installs Vitality and Strength

Aids Discernment and Sound Judgment

Heightens Perseverance and Determination

Helps Manifestation and Goal Achievement

Boosts Self-Confidence and Self-Worth

A Stone of Mobilising One’s Desires

Boosts Self-Confidence

Boosts Self-Confidence

Installs Vitality

Installs Vitality

Aids Self-Judgement

Aids Self-Judgement

The ‘Can Do Stone’

The ‘Can Do Stone’

Promotes Self-Forgiveness

Promotes Self-Forgiveness

Blood Strengthening Stone

Blood Strengthening Stone

Reputed to be the ‘can do stone’, Red Aventurine is a stone of manifestation through action. Drawing upon the energy of the Earth and the power of fire, Red Aventurine stimulates and increases the flow of life force throughout the body, bringing the focus required to achieve results and mobilise one’s desires.

As a stone of passion and vitality, Red Aventurine amplifies one’s desires both sexually and creatively, infiltrating one’s energy with a fierce determination to drive one’s projects, goals and pursuits into reality.

Boosting mental alertness, confidence and perseverance, Red Aventurine is a fantastic crystal for discovering one’s highest purpose, offering the discernment and perception required to identify ideal plans and pathways.


Red Aventurine works on insight, perception and discernment, promoting self-forgiveness while creating an awareness and healthy view of the ego and its self-serving purpose. Lending understanding to the ways one prevents or ignores one’s own better judgment, or sabotages one’s commitment to follow through with plans, Red Aventurine is a stone of renewal and dedication.

Creating confidence and creative inspiration when needed, Red Aventurine supports those who work in the creative arts or professions constantly requiring new ideas.     



Red is an extremely strong colour representing motivation, passion, energy, and life force. Representing deep feelings, endurable energy and quiet passion, Red Aventurine reflects devotion to one’s life. Harking a call to action and a sincere sense of fearlessness, Red Aventurine brings confidence and strength to the pursuit of one’s truest passions.


Fuelled with determination and courage, Red Aventurine is the ideal stone for imparting a pragmatic, yet impassioned perspective towards tackling life’s most difficult situations. Encouraging the ability to laugh at one’s ‘mistakes’, Red Aventurine promotes moving through adversity with a confident ease.

Installing faith in the knowledge that the right path will present itself, Red Aventurine guides one’s mind to a place of action and results, rather than merely contemplating progression.



Red Aventurine is a blood strengthening stone, reputed to aid the stimulation of red cell production in the bone marrow, enhance circulation, and provide balance in auto-immune disorders.


Bringing vitality to the muscular system, removing toxins from the body and benefiting the liver, Red Aventurine can also relieve the side effects of radiotherapy, speed up the metabolism, and lower blood pressure.



Red Aventurine invokes Divine inspiration, using its focusing and mobilisation properties to help one set the right course of action, in order to see those creative ideas through to fruition.


Providing faith, courage and passion, this Red stone of the lower chakras stirs one’s will into motion, encouraging one’s spirit to pursue one’s innermost passions.

Red Aventurine can help to rekindle our energy, strengthen our sense of personal power, and revive our spirit. Red Aventurine works with the energy of the Root Chakra as red crystals help to clear and cleanse this chakra of feelings of lethargy or disconnection from reality.



The Root Chakra - located in the perineum at the base of the spine, is home to one’s sense of security and faith in one’s power. The Root Chakra is the body’s foundational structure for physical and spiritual energy, kinaesthetic feeling and movement, vitality and sexuality.

Rooting or anchoring our spirit into reality is the primary quality of this chakra. Home of genetic and ancestral memory and coding, one’s survival instincts that are formulated and imparted from birth through to early childhood, reside in this chakra. Staying alive, perseverance, patience, making one’s dreams come true, remaining focused and grounded, are the energetic patterns housed within the Root Chakra.

When one feels threatened, or if change or chaos strikes, the adrenaline flows from the Root Chakra, activating the fight to survive or take flight reaction. The Root Chakra defies limiting identifications, labels and assumptions, allowing the belief that one has the right to choose the life one wishes to live. When personal truths are defied or denied, this blockage may manifest as anger or aggression, hateful thoughts, words and actions.


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