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Aventurine - Yellow

Stimulates Personal Power

Inspires and Awakens Creativity

Restores Emotional balance

Attracts and Maintains Abundance

Offers Calming Reassurance to the Mind

Stimulates Personal Power

Stimulates Personal Power

Awakens Creativity

Awakens Creativity

Attracts And Maintains Abundance

Attracts And Maintains Abundance

Keeps One Aware of Opportunity

Keeps One Aware Of Opportunity

Instills One's Energy with Compassion

Instills One's Energy With Compassion

Eases Anxieties

Eases Anxieties

Much like its sister stones, Yellow Aventurine works well to inspire the exploration and expression of one’s creative side. Attuning to one’s inner creativity and innate drive, Yellow Aventurine wills one to pursue those passions and interests.

Yellow Aventurine is also an excellent stone for abundance, in particular, the attraction of wealth and favourable financial ventures. Not only does it attract abundance, but it will also ensure that one is aware of opportunities to invoke prosperity, while assisting one in maintaining it.


Stimulating a secure sense of self and working on one’s power centre, Yellow Aventurine aids one’s will, pointing the way to how best one should augment one’s inner drive.



Yellow Aventurine holds the energy of the golden light - a colour ray that embodies the warmth of the sun, instilling one’s energy with compassion and understanding towards oneself and others.

Encouraging one to centre the emotions, Yellow Aventurine hones in on one’s sense of self, fostering the manifestation of healthy and productive self-intentions. Those who struggle to seat comfortably within their own power, may benefit from Yellow Aventurine’s gentle assistance, quietly urging one to follow one’s innate drive.


Ideal for soothing tempers and disputes, Yellow Aventurine works to diminish the effects of domestic disputes with partners or family, and helps to alleviate grief. 



Yellow Aventurine hosts many physical benefits such as easing anxiety, helping subdue headaches, and working as an anti-inflammatory.

Yellow Aventurine is beneficial in the removal of toxins from one’s system. Easing the effects of allergies and sinus issues, Yellow Aventurine may also reduce and protect against electromagnetic and environmental pollution.

Yellow Aventurine is also highly effective for fighting skin conditions such as eczema, juvenile acne, and other skin conditions.



The Yin-Yang energies are brought into balance under Yellow Aventurine’s energy. Oversensitive and indecisive tendencies dissipate when Yellow Aventurine is invoked to help one re-establish focus.

Overcoming fear, problems with or a reluctance to own one’s power, Yellow Aventurine installs the courage to take back one’s power. Manifesting one’s truest intentions, Yellow Aventurine exudes a positive sense of self and drives one to foster being at ease within one’s world.


Yellow Aventurine brings abundant prosperity, inspires one’s creative drive, and harnesses the ability to seat confidently within one’s true spirit. Yellow Aventurine opens and balances the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.



The Sacral Chakra - located below the navel and above the pubic bone and pelvis, is the body's centre of gravity.

Our life force, intuition and ‘non-linear’ communication comes from this chakra. Imparting a good natured flow of life’s pleasure, the Sacral Chakra is the channel to which information travels from mind to body and vice versa. The essence of the Sacral Chakra is knowing that what one has and does is good enough.


Controlling one’s appetite for food, sex, pleasure, motion, emotion, physical health and wellbeing, the Sacral Chakra is influenced by how one experiences each emotion.

The Sacral Chakra is home to the deep subconscious realm to where one’s attitudes about oneself control one’s physical wellbeing.

Balance is the theme here. Balance between letting go and maintaining control. Balance over expending one’s vital life force and preserving it. Rest and regeneration, pleasure and discipline. The Sacral Chakra requires one to honour the body and what it needs, seeking the simple pleasures in life that generate genuine joy.

Home to one’s sense of deservedness, a well-balanced Sacral Chakra sets healthy boundaries and limitations, that are neither too open nor too closed in order to preserve one’s life force.


The Solar Plexus Chakra - located directly below the sternum, is the home of one’s personal empowerment and the emerging selfhood. Whenever one gives away one’s power, one disconnects from a healthy sense of self-worth.

Regulating inner knowing and gut instinct about both people and things, the Solar Plexus Chakra houses the development of a healthy ego.

It is known as the energy distribution centre, imparting an awareness of universal dualities. The Solar Plexus Chakra is where one formulates one’s personality and sense of individuality, abandoning labels, and nurturing one’s freedom to explore and interpret the world via one’s authentic thoughts and emotions, free from the concern of others dictates.

A healthy, well-balanced Solar Plexus houses self-confidence, self-awareness, and the power to exact one’s freedom of choice, guiding one through the maze of resistance in order to choose who and what ultimately serves one’s highest good.


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