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Facilitates Contact with the Angelic Realm

Soothes and Clarifies Communication

Unlocks Secrets of Spoken Word

Heightens Awareness and Perception

The Stone of Telepathy

Assists Automatic Writing

Offers Celestial Guidance and Protection 

Contact with Angelic Realm

Contact With Angelic Realm

Clarifies Communication

Clarifies Communication

Stone of Telepathy

Stone Of Telepathy

Providing Protection and Heightened Awareness

Providing Protection And Heightened Awareness

Stone of Idealism

Stone Of Idealism

Dispelling Prejudice, Intolerance and Defensiveness

Dispelling Prejudice, Intolerance And Defensiveness

Encourages Forgiveness

Encourages Forgiveness

Alleviates Psychological Pain

Alleviates Psychological Pain

Resonates with the Throat Chakra

Resonates With The Throat Chakra

Alleviates Inflammation

Alleviates Inflammation

Helpful in Aiding Calcium Absorption

Helpful In Aiding Calcium Absorption

Opens Channels to One's Angels

Opens Channels To One's Angels

Enhance One’s Psychic Abilities

Enhance One’s Psychic Abilities

Formed from Celestite that has been compressed over millions of years and lost its water content, Angelite, or as it is sometimes known, Anhydrite, is an opaque, blue stone with veins of grey and white throughout that resemble ‘angels wings’.

Considered one of the best stones of awareness for the New Age, Angelite radiates the energy of healing and deeply tranquil inner peace. Aligning the physical body with the ethereal network, Angelite facilitates contact with the angelic realms, one’s spirit guides, animal totems, and one’s higher self. Creating an awareness of the invisible energy forces surrounding us all, Angelite allows one to tune in and connect to our celestial guidance, so that one may receive love and assistance in moving along one’s rightful soul path.


Angelite is an incredible stone capable of enhancing one’s overall general communication, but is widely known to be particularly powerfully for activating and enhancing spirit and source based commune.

Unlocking the secrets of the spoken word, and teaching one to give voice to one’s personal truths, Angelite is a stone of harmonious union between the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Promoting calmer, gentler and much sweeter speech, Angelite energy is adept at removing the sting from one’s words in times of stressful communication. Rather than working to stimulate expression, Angelite soothes and calms the words, making for clearer, more concise and well-received communications. Teaching the power and influential weight behind well-chosen words, Angelite ensures communications with others employ compassion, tolerance and acceptance. 


Providing protection and heightened awareness, Angelite reminds one that spirit comes through in a multitude of ways. The gift in Angelite energy is its ability to attune one to the spirit realms, enabling communication and communion with beings from other dimensions, proving to be highly beneficial for those who engage in automatic writing and connection to those loved one’s whom have passed. These special properties make Angelite crystals invaluable tools for those wishing to develop or fine tune their powers of psychic attunement, channelling, mediumship, clairvoyance, and or any other involvement with spiritual healing and councelling. Angelite is also said to be widely supportive for practices involving mathematics, astrology and tarot reading.


The ability to enhance telepathic communication is strengthened when both or all people included, carry a piece of Angelite programmed for that specific purpose on them. Because of its ability to deepen attunement and heighten perception, Angelite enables out of body journeys to take place whilst one maintains contact with everyday reality.


Angelite is a crystal long since favoured by healers. When used in meditation, Angelite calls in the guidance and insights from celestial beings. One will also find self spiritually aligned, with unblocked energetic pathways, and a healthy sincere sense of brotherhood and humanitarianism.

According to folklore, Angelite holds the ability to reunite estranged friends and family members who have either lost contact or turned cold towards one another.


Angelite, like all crystals carrying the blue ray of light, is a stone of idealism - the acquirement of traditional knowledge and learning through experience. Promoting leadership, wisdom and the rightful use of authority and power, Angelite energy resonates with justice and truth.

Dispelling prejudice, intolerance and defensiveness from one’s life, Angelite protects one’s energy, work space, and home from angry, resentful and bitter people, infiltrating them with a tranquil and compassionate peacefulness. Encouraging forgiveness and imparting the strength and insight to accept and understand the many gifts provided through change, Angelite alleviates psychological pain and counteracts cruelty.

Offering assistance in matters of career, business success, financial improvement, travel and partnerships of all kinds, Angelite imbues one’s life with the manifestation powers drawn down from much higher sources of intelligence and healing.



Deepening attunement and heightening one’s powers of perception, Angelite crystals help one to speak one’s truth and be more compassionate. Embracing change, especially in relation to situations where one has no control over the actions of other’s or the inevitable outcomes, Angelite teaches one to accept that which one holds no power to change. Angelite alleviates psychological pain and counteracts cruelty associated with one’s interactions with others. Angelite is often used to enhance astrological understanding and bring a deeper understanding of mathematics. Angelite is also known to facilitate telepathic communication, linking two minds in silent communication whether they share space or are separated by distance. Dispelling fear and healing anger and anxiety, Angelite converts those mind filled concerns into optimism, faith and tranquillity.


Angelite energy holds the power to install uplifting and soothing peace throughout one’s entirety, alleviating the disconnection one may feel at times while offering assistance to heal fractured relationships. Powerfully helpful during times of transition, Angelite teaches one diplomacy and the ability to discern when it is best to say more or less - whenever that may be required. Inspiring compassion, especially towards difficult people, Angelite removes feelings of angst related to that ongoing relationship, be it justified or otherwise, and soothes communication between the pairing. During times of conflict, Angelite Divinely inspires one to say things that take the heat out of problematic situations. The soothing and comforting properties of Angelite are exceptionally good for dealing with grief relating to the loss of a loved one. Soothing feelings of guilt due to words left unspoken, or stress related to a sudden or unforeseen passing, Angelite works overtime to ease the emotions.



When applied to the feet, Angelite unblocks the meridians and energetic pathways. As a crystal of the blue ray of light, it resonates with the throat. It is known for alleviating inflammation, and balancing the thyroid and parathyroid, soothing ailments such as strep throat.

Repairing the tissue and blood vessels, while correcting deficiencies within these areas, Angelite may be helpful in aiding calcium absorption. Balancing the fluids within the physical body, Angelite can act as a diuretic, thus, it is said to be useful in weight control.


Relating in particular to aches, pains and conditions in the lungs, arms and head, Angelite energy works to bring harmony to these areas of the body. Holding the ability to cool sunburn pain, placing Angelite crystal on one’s body or beside the bed, speeds up recovery.

Though it should be noted that Angelite crystals are a form of Celestite, a gypsum crystal that has lost its water content over time and crystalized; therefore it should never be cleaned or cleansed in water, but rather under the light of full moon, bathed in sunlight or cleansed using a sage smudge stick.

Aiding the healing of stomach ulcers and relieving headaches, Angelite provides support and relief from general discomfort. Supporting the healing health related to bones and mobilisation conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis, Angelite is said to ease calcification in the joints and gives greater range of motion to the affected areas. 



Filled with peace, tranquillity, compassion, celestial guidance, and protection, Angelite transmutes pain and disorder into wholeness and healing. Opening the way for spiritual inspiration, Angelite stones help one to connect with universal knowledge, raising awareness of how to utilise that knowledge in one’s day to day life.

Facilitating the rebirthing process, stimulating healing, and opening channels of communication to one’s angels and guides, Angelite powerfully guards and guides the spiritual self, both whilst on the physical plane, and during multidimensional journeys and meditations.  


Placing Angelite under your pillow not only aids a sounder and more peaceful sleep, but also promotes dream recall and assists one to interpret the signs and messages conveyed whilst in the dreamscape. Enhancing lucid dreaming, and effortlessly connecting one to source during meditation, Angelite crystals help one acquire guidance and information from the spiritual realm about the direction of one’s life.

Known to stimulate and enhance one’s psychic, mediumship or channelling abilities, Angelite attunes one to the angelic realm. It provides a protective field around the aura, making it a favoured stone for healers whose clients require emotional rebalancing. 


Relieving tension, anger and stress, Angelite is a wonderful ally, providing comfort when you find it difficult to cope in unforeseen circumstances and situations. Angelite aligns physical and etheric fields for healing one's self as well as others.

Providing clarity into ones spiritual problems or blockages, Angelite puts things right again after they have been out of balance. A strong crystal for aligning one’s soul with Divine insight and intervention, Angelite clears, cleanses and removes blockages from the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.



The Throat Chakra - often referred to as the mouth of god, is located at the back of the neck. The Throat Chakra is known as the space where energy enters one’s being and messages from guides and angels is whispered into awareness.

The Throat Chakra is the invincible ally of one’s spirit, the voice of the body, holding the power to express ourselves on every level of existence. The Throat Chakra is the vessel or vehicle for one’s will and creativity to be expressed, allowing authentic self-expression and communication of ones ideas, beliefs and emotions.

Blockages in the throat chakra indicate integrity and one’s ability to honour one’s individuality held captive within. Housing one’s subtle energy fields, the Throat Chakra shuts down through grief, abuse, trauma, and the suppression of one’s genuine emotions. This makes the Throat Chakra the pivotal centre of healthy flow for the entire Chakra system. When our personal truths flow without restriction, energy is free to spiral upward through the lower level chakras, reaching the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, continuing the path of authentic free expression and natural release.


The Third Eye Chakra- located directly between the brows is the centre of the awakened mind and harmonised thinking.

Housing one’s wisdom, judgment, perception and command, the Third Eye Chakra represents higher consciousness and one’s view of the world. Combining psychological stability and philosophical principles, this Chakra is entirely about the power of the mind - one's awareness that we create one’s reality.

It is within the realm of the Third Eye Chakra that one’s sense of self obtains psychological maturation and spiritual harmony, providing the space within to create the life one desires by finding an understanding within one’s experiences.

Combining imagination, logical thinking and intuition, personal truths and spiritual wisdom resound within the Third Eye Chakra and impart resilience. Rigid notions, beliefs and inflexible patterns arise within the Third Eye Chakra for examination, favouring an expanded awareness of one’s life purpose.


The Crown Chakra - located at the top of the skull is the gateway to the expanded universe beyond one’s physicality. It is the home to one’s beliefs, identification with the infinite oneness, contemplation to the mysteries of the Divine, and one’s connection to higher levels of universal energy and truth.

Connecting one to the indelible divinity within, the Crown Chakra homes one’s ultimate and permanently accessible enlightenment. An activated Crown Chakra knows and understands that although life appears to be diverse, it is ultimately undivided and benign. One is always divinely loved and guided by a source of power higher than oneself.

Recognition and gratitude that one’s life is not entirely in one’s own hands, one learns to surrender to the powers that be. The Crown Chakra is where one experiences and knows stillness, attaining the wisdom to balance worldly activity with spiritual pursuits. 


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