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A Stone of Immense Empowerment

Invokes Courage and Strength

Installs Truth and integrity to the Spirit

Provides Harmony and Balance

Offers Abundant Prosperity and Luck

A Stone for Inner-Reflection and Awareness

A Bold and Fearless yet Calming stone



Truth And Integrity

Truth And Integrity

Inner Reflection And Awareness

Inner Reflection And Awareness

Stone of Courage

Stone Of Courage

Stone of Truth

Stone Of Truth

Empowers One to Search Within

Empowers One To Search Within

Provides Harmony and Balance

Provides Harmony And Balance

Offers Abundant Prosperity and Luck

Offers Abundant Prosperity And Luck

Soothes Issues Relating To Past Trauma

Soothes Issues Relating To Past Trauma

Fostering a True Sense of Courage

Fostering A True Sense Of Courage

Called the ‘stone of courage’ and the 'stone of truth’, Amazonite is an impeccable stone for developing self-empowerment. As bold and fearless as the Amazonian warrior women, this stunning crystal holds the power and strength, yet gentle ease of water.

Amazonite empowers one to search within and discover one’s personal integrity, providing harmony and balance to the emotional body. Encouraging the shift beyond fear of judgment, confrontation and conflict, imparting the sense that one need not defend one’s values and beliefs to others who may oppose them, Amazonite nurtures freedom of expression. By soothing the spirit, calming the soul and tempering aggression, Amazonite boldly, yet rationally teaches one where boundaries are needed in order to foster and maintain healthy relationships and stabilise a secure sense of self-discipline.


Amazonite is a crystal for both the Heart and the Throat Chakras, bringing forth one’s genuine and heartfelt resonance in honesty and sincere expression. Aligning one’s energy within personal truths and facilitating channels of clear communication, Amazonite supports the activation of one’s Divine will.

Digging deep into one’s power centre and fostering a true sense of courage, Amazonite infuses a dynamic sense of strength within one’s entire being.

As a stone of prosperity, Amazonite wards of those who may wish to take advantage of one’s nature. Reputed to favour luck in competition and financial matters, Amazonite attracts opportunities for one to be in the right place at the right time.   


With a long history of healing and medicinal purposes, many ancient cultures such as the Sudanese and the Amazonian warriors of Brazil, have used Amazonite to alleviate illness and wounds, provide prosperity, and serve as a talisman of protection and beneficial blessings.

The ancient Egyptians carved Amazonite into the Book of the Dead, and it is said to have been the third stone in the Breastplate of Jewish high priest. Worn in jewellery in Columbia, India, Central America, and embedded in the shield of Amazonite warrior women, Amazonite has long since been a favoured crystal adornment. 



Amazonite calls upon its water elements to calm the mind and soothe issues relating to past trauma, allowing the emotional body to heal and move beyond anger or regret.

Urging one to seek balance, Amazonite alleviates worry and stress, inspiring one to redirect issues or anger and irrationality into purposeful, positive action. Amazonite is especially useful for women, identifying where self-neglect has worn away at one’s self-esteem and the inability to see where and how one’s words have affected one’s reality. Resonating with the reflection of a higher understanding and the assured communication of personal truths, Amazonite aids boundary setting, provides relief from loneliness, and is said to aid happy unions.


Amazonite’s bold energy lends itself to the removal of over-emotionalism, fostering peace and the ability to see the viewpoint and issues of those with which one may find conflict. Through a calm and rational mind, Amazonite encourages communication of one’s truest thoughts and feelings, providing space for the healthy, judgment free introspection required to resolve one’s inner conflicts.

When used as a dream stone, Amazonite provides symbolic dreaming, highlighting the components of one’s life that cause imbalance and distress.



Amazonite is reputed to aid one’s general physical and spiritual health and well-being. Hosting relief from a broad range of conditions and debilitating ailments, Amazonite boosts cell regeneration, balances the metabolic process, benefits the nervous system, and is said to provide relief from muscle spasms.

When used on areas such as bites, stings and wounds, Amazonite may help prevent or ease infection, as well as provide relief from the pain associated with rheumatism and gout. Amazonite also assists the function of the thyroid and throat glands.


When taken as an elixir, Amazonite may rectify calcium deficiency, tooth decay and osteoporosis. It is said to repair brittle hair and nails, clear acne, and sooth rashes and blisters.

As an ailment to sexual disorders, Amazonite may assist with low libido, impotence and sexual obsession, as well as aid in pain relief associated with child birth.

In addition to these healing abilities, Amazonite creates a protective shield around the body and guards against geopathic stress and microelectric emanations.



By balancing the masculine and feminine energies within, Amazonite aligns the physical body to the etheric, soothing and bringing the Chakras into equilibrium. Amazonite works on the differing aspects of one’s personality, blending them into a harmonised state of being.

Inspiring truthful communication, awakening compassion and flexibility, while encouraging the quest for truth, Amazonite reignites one’s personal power. Blue/green crystals mark the beginning of new life and healthy emotions, helping us to accept the life we have, develop patience, reconcile differences, and seek forgiveness.

Amazonite’s metaphysical healing properties are exceptionally attuned to the stimulation of the heart, the centre of truth and the throat - the vehicle for self-expression.



The Heart Chakra - located near the centre of the breastbone, operates on the physical and emotional planes, providing the love that nourishes our spiritual existence, and houses the Holy Spirit within us all.

Allowing love to be the centre of one’s being, the Heart Chakra provides healing growth on a panoramic level, regulating one’s interaction and responses to the external world. What one embraces of oneself, alongside all that one resists or denies, searches for ways to be triggered, arising within this Chakra for healing.

The Heart Chakra represents love, brotherhood, unity, peace and joy, speaking of the sacredness in all things. An imbalance within the Heart Chakra prohibits one from freely being oneself in external environments, often leading to extreme responses to trivial stimuli, leaving one open to or causing one to subject others to controlling behaviours.


The Throat Chakra - often referred to as the mouth of god, is located at the back of the neck. The Throat Chakra is known as the space where energy enters one’s being and messages from guides and angels is whispered into awareness.

The Throat Chakra is the invincible ally of one’s spirit, the voice of the body, holding the power to express ourselves on every level of existence. The Throat Chakra is the vessel or vehicle for one’s will and creativity to be expressed, allowing authentic self-expression and communication of ones ideas, beliefs and emotions.

Blockages in the throat chakra indicate integrity and one’s ability to honour one’s individuality held captive within. Housing one’s subtle energy fields, the Throat Chakra shuts down through grief, abuse, trauma, and the suppression of one’s genuine emotions. This makes the Throat Chakra the pivotal centre of healthy flow for the entire Chakra system. When our personal truths flow without restriction, energy is free to spiral upward through the lower level chakras, reaching the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, continuing the path of authentic free expression and natural release.


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