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Enhances Spiritual Connection

Provides Deeply Meaningful Meditation

Heightens One’s Self-Awareness

Clears Stress and Tension

Brings Focused Manifestation

Unites Masculine/Feminine Energy

Stimulates Creativity and Drive

Stimulates Creativity

Stimulates Creativity

Clears Stress And Tension

Clears Stress And Tension

Unites Masculine And Feminine Energy

Unites Masculine And Feminine Energy

A Stone of Dreams and Desires

A Stone Of Dreams And Desires

Enhances Spiritual Connection

Enhances Spiritual Connection

Clears Stress and Tension

Clears Stress And Tension

Facilitates Optimal Self-Transformation

Facilitates Optimal Self-Transformation

Removes Feelings of Isolation

Removes Feelings Of Isolation

Promotes Optimism

Promotes Optimism

Regenerates the Immune System

Regenerates The Immune System

Propels Artistic Expression

Propels Artistic Expression

Combining the master healing and Divine connection of Amethyst, with the feel good, manifestation properties of Citrine, Ametrine crystals make an incredibly powerful and must have stone for any collection.

Although Ametrine does embody the energy of Citrine and Amethyst, it also exhibits a unique energy all of its own.


Said to be both rare and depleting in source, Ametrine, with its stunning combination of translucent stimulating yellow and inspiring purple colour rays, is a highly sought after stone. Regarded for its fast and effective healing properties and boasting an intense connection between will and mobilisation, Ametrine is a stone of dreams, desires, and intention pursued into fruition.

Connecting the physical realm with the highest levels of consciousness and Divine insight, Ametrine promotes healing, divination, intensely focused mediation, creativity, and the ability to manifest a wealth of prosperity into one’s life.

Igniting the union between the masculine and feminine energies, Ametrine vibrations offers focused energy and inspiration to harmonise and balance one’s physical, mental and spiritual bodies.


An ideal stone for learning to meditate or deepening the experiences of the most well-practiced meditation rituals, Ametrine undoubtedly links one to the spiritual realms, bringing that energy and insight back down to the Earth realm. Promoting a strong connection between the Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras, Ametrine prompts one to plan and live from the perspective and innate pull of one’s Divine will.

Once one has connected to the energy of Ametrine, higher knowledge and soul purpose powerfully combine, providing profound mental and spiritual clarity. Assisting one to connect with the higher self, Ametrine calls on the strength of one’s will to invoke and exact in the here and now, the knowledge obtained through Divine guidance and connection.


Like the sun and the moon, night and day, light and dark, Ametrine crystals hold a powerful energetic vibration. A surge that represents the harmonious balance between maintaining a connection to spiritual awareness and the assignment of a positive sense of self. When used in daily meditation and kept on one’s person throughout the day, Ametrine integrates powerful change in one’s day to day life choices and disposition.

As a rare formation found growing in Quartz, Ametrine, like all members of the Quartz crystal family is a powerful energy amplifier. It heightens creativity, clears stress and tension, while  grounding excess energy into the physical for use or release.

Creating peace and inner harmony, increasing one’s focus and emotional equilibrium, Ametrine is an ideal stone for meditation, inspiration, study of all kinds, combating addictions and subduing compulsive behaviours and actions.


Useful in long standing illness, Ametrine provides insight into the cause of dis-ease, teaching one how to let go of mental and emotional patterns that do not serve in one’s spiritual growth and the development of self-awareness. Breaking self-defeatist habits and patterns that hold one back from following one’s Divine path, Ametrine relieves stress, depression and anxiety.

Facilitating and offering immeasurable protection during astral travel, Ametrine heightens spiritual enlightenment and psychic awareness. Navigating one peacefully through the dreamscape and alternate realms, Ametrine integrates the messages and guidance received within those realms into one’s physicality.

Embodying the energetic vibration of compassion, forgiveness, and the crucial balance between give and take, Ametrine makes a wonderful stone for healers, allowing them to maintain a distinction between assisting a client to find answers to their problems, and absorbing them.


An incredibly beautiful and purpose filled stone, the future of Ametrine collection is unknown at best, thus, it is likely that the possibility of it ceasing to be sold is high and crystal enthusiasts advise sourcing it whilst it is still available. 



Ametrine is an extremely active stone, facilitating optimal self transformation. Harmonising perception with action and installing a strong drive to take control of one’s life, Ametrine promotes a life lived undisturbed by stressful external influence. Bringing insight into the underlying causes of emotional distress, Ametrine releases blockages, negative programing, and expectations.

Taking the intellect beyond the everyday reality by linking the mind to higher spiritual awareness, Ametrine brings clarity to the mind, encouraging the exploration of all possibilities before deciding upon a course of action.


Directing one’s awareness to the knowledge that we are all inextricably linked, Ametrine removes feelings of isolation and alienation. Enhancing compatibility and acceptance of others, Ametrine dissolves prejudices and narrow-minded judgments. Promoting optimism and an introspective view of self and the universe as a whole, Ametrine holds the ability to impart the highest level of emotional intelligence, overcoming apparent contradictions and illusions held in mind.



In healing practices, Ametrine is considered a no-nonsense stone that gets to the bottom of things, removes blockages in the physical, mental and emotional bodies, and disperses negativity from the aura. An exceptional stone for cleansing and oxygenation of the blood, Ametrine removes toxins from the system while energising the physical body.

Regenerating the immune system and stabilising DNA, Ametrine aids physical maturation and the strength of the autonomic nervous system. 


Easing and healing stress related disease, Ametrine is said to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome, lethargy, and feelings of depression and anxiety.

Believed to heal gastric disturbances and burning sensations, Ametrine benefits the dissipation of ulcers.

Clearing stress and tension from the mind, Ametrine may cure headaches and relieving migraines, bringing mental focus and clarity.

Helping one to release addictions, Ametrine is known to boost and support weight loss.



Ametrine is widely known for its ability to promote inspiration and enhance one’s creativity, propelling the artistic expression within to emerge.

The yellow ray of regeneration and new life within Ametrine, invoke a vitalising essence within one's being, while the violet ray of divine insight and connection combined, inspire a force of impenetrable optimism and confidence. Encouraging self-reflection or taking stock of one’s present position in life, Ametrine sincerely advocates allowing the will to direct one’s life.

Promoting the allowance of one’s spiritual self to emerge, Ametrine sifts through the emotional body, aiding forgiveness and release of qualities and aspects of oneself that no longer serve a purpose. Ametrine holds a strong resonance with the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Crown Chakra, connecting the two in harmony.



The Solar Plexus Chakra - located directly below the sternum, is the home of one’s personal empowerment and the emerging selfhood. Whenever one gives away one’s power, one disconnects from a healthy sense of self-worth.

Regulating inner knowing and gut instinct about both people and things, the Solar Plexus Chakra houses the development of a healthy ego.

It is known as the energy distribution centre, imparting an awareness of universal dualities. The Solar Plexus Chakra is where one formulates one’s personality and sense of individuality, abandoning labels, and nurturing one’s freedom to explore and interpret the world via one’s authentic thoughts and emotions, free from the concern of others dictates. 

A healthy, well-balanced Solar Plexus houses self-confidence, self-awareness, and the power to exact one’s freedom of choice, guiding one through the maze of resistance in order to choose who and what ultimately serves one’s highest good.


The Crown Chakra - located at the top of the skull is the gateway to the expanded universe beyond one’s physicality. It is the home to one’s beliefs, identification with the infinite oneness, contemplation to the mysteries of the Divine, and one’s connection to higher levels of universal energy and truth.

Connecting one to the indelible divinity within, the Crown Chakra homes one’s ultimate and permanently accessible enlightenment. An activated Crown Chakra knows and understands that although life appears to be diverse, it is ultimately undivided and benign. One is always divinely loved and guided by a source of power higher than oneself.

Recognition and gratitude that one’s life is not entirely in one’s own hands, one learns to surrender to the powers that be. The Crown Chakra is where one experiences and knows stillness, attaining the wisdom to balance worldly activity with spiritual pursuits. 


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