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Installs a Calming and Soothing Energy

 Stone of Protection and Healing

A Symbol of Wisdom, Truth and Justice

Enhances Communication and Expression

A Seer Stone of Spiritual Connection

A Stone of Mirrored Self-Reflection

Calming And Soothing

Calming And Soothing

Symbol Of Wisdom And Truth

Symbol Of Wisdom And Truth

Enhances Communication

Enhances Communication

Stone of Mirrored Self-Reflection

Stone Of Mirrored Self-Reflection

Unveils Hidden Mysteries

Unveils Hidden Mysteries

Inspires Truth and Trust in Self

Inspires Truth And Trust In Self

Stone of Natural Justice and Compassion

Stone Of Natural Justice And Compassion

Aids in Letting go of Old Wounds

Aids In Letting Go Of Old Wounds

Removes One’s Resistance to Change

Removes One’s Resistance To Change

Highly attuned to the purity of crystalline waters and all things relating to celestial reflections upon the ocean, Aquamarine embodies that which rules the sea - the moon and its mesmerising energy.

A stunning translucent stone that is heightened by the full moon and the powerful pulls of the ocean’s tides, Aquamarine is a stone of mirrored reflection, encouraging its wearer to see all in which is held beyond the veil of illusion. Unveiling hidden mysteries and imparting a sense of indefinite symmetry, Aquamarine is a stone of revelations long since favoured by prophets, shamans, healers, and mystics.

Used in meditation under the influence of the moon, Aquamarine holds the properties of a seer stone.


Fearlessly opening clear and concise heartfelt communication channels, Aquamarine invokes the power to bring oneself face to face with the deepest and darkest depths of one’s soul. Serving as a reminder that one’s shadow side is as self-serving as one’s lighter side, Aquamarine supports viewing oneself in authenticity, free of judgment and regret.

Transforming the aspects of self that create a tainted view of one’s soul purpose, Aquamarine inspires truth, trust in self and source, while releasing that in which does not serve in the highest order of one’s soul. Aquamarine invokes the dual energies of the exhilaration and the tranquillity of the sea, providing energised and equalised balance to the auric field, the mind, body, and the spiritual self.


Aquamarine holds a strong association with the Throat Chakra, arousing the conscious awareness of one’s personal truths, innate wisdom, and sincere emotions. Considered an ancient talisman of protection, and a stone of eternal youth and happiness, Aquamarine enables the judgment free fortitude to see oneself and others as they truly are.

Promoting a love of truth and taking ownership of one’s thoughts and actions, Aquamarine gently urges one to speak one’s truth with clarity and conviction. Aquamarine is highly attuned to guiding one towards and providing support to uncover one’s rightful path.

As a stone of natural justice, compassion and tolerance, Aquamarine is the ideal stone for teachers and presenters focused upon a view towards humanitarianism.


As a stone of protection, Aquamarine guards those who travel over, upon or near the water, providing safe-keeping to those who fear or endure long-haul travel.


As a stone of love, Aquamarine reunites lovers, making it an ideal token of love’s affection. Aquamarine’s powers with water, hold the ability to balance strength with ease, allowing two beings to live in harmony despite differing lifestyles, opinions or sensitivities that may arise and cause issues within relationships.



Aquamarine is a water element crystal - a powerful cleanser that brings emotional patterns, issues and limitations to the surface for understanding and release. Identifying where one’s ego has worked against one’s benefit, Aquamarine uncovers situations where ego has not been used in its intended purpose.

Highlighting situations that may have created abuse, victimhood or controlling behaviour that prohibit one’s balanced forward progression, Aquamarine aids in letting go of those wounds. By consciously freeing one’s energy of the manipulating hooks, Aquamarine fosters the abandonment of judgment, gaining intolerance of ourselves and others. This marking a distinct improvement in one’s relationships.

A stone of self- reflection, Aquamarine encourages introspection in the name of understanding one’s true motivations.


The cleansing properties of Aquamarine allow us to remove one’s resistance to change, and understand the purpose behind life’s changing tides and cycles. Accelerating intellectual reasoning while developing a sense of rapid but concise response, Aquamarine bestows an insightful yet light-hearted view of the world and oneself.

Holding the ability to heal the parent-child relationship, Aquamarine is highly beneficial for children who may have experienced trauma, and adults who feel inadequate or unable to meet their parent’s standards and expectations.



As a stone of breath and the lungs, Aquamarine calls upon its cooling properties to aid colds, flus, chest conditions such as bronchitis, throat ailments including laryngitis and strep throat, sinus conditions, hay fever, alongside other chronic allergies.

Healing teeth and gum issues, alleviating the effects of eczema, psoriasis and hives, Aquamarine soothes a wealth of ailments and physical conditions. It also complements the treatment of shingles.


Aquamarine provides soothing aid to tired, dry eyes, and some vision problems.

Regulating hormones and growth, and also harmonizing the thyroid and pituitary glands, Aquamarine can benefit overall health.



An ancient oracle stone, Aquamarine draws one’s attention back to the power and grace of the ocean, possessing the ability to impart the knowledge that not all power is derived through force.

Aligning men and women with the vibration of self-empowerment, Aquamarine enlightens one to the power of surrender, while maintaining resilience and vitality for experiencing life’s truths.

Imparting the courage to discover and express one’s innate wisdom, and trust one’s intuition, Aquamarine attunes to the energy of the Divine feminine. Under the powerful stimulus of the moon’s magnetic influence, Aquamarine can strengthen one’s forecasting abilities, providing a view to coming events.


Aquamarine’s love of self-aware expression, stimulates one’s most heartfelt truths and intentions to be communicated without anger or regret. Bringing one’s sincerest emotions from the heart to the throat, Aquamarine is widely considered to be the supreme crystal for clearing, cleansing, and activating the Throat Chakra.



The Throat Chakra - often referred to as the mouth of god, is located at the back of the neck. The Throat Chakra is known as the space where energy enters one’s being and messages from guides and angels is whispered into awareness.

The Throat Chakra is the invincible ally of one’s spirit, the voice of the body, holding the power to express ourselves on every level of existence. The Throat Chakra is the vessel or vehicle for one’s will and creativity to be expressed, allowing authentic self-expression and communication of ones ideas, beliefs and emotions.

Blockages in the throat chakra indicate integrity and one’s ability to honour one’s individuality held captive within. Housing one’s subtle energy fields, the Throat Chakra shuts down through grief, abuse, trauma, and the suppression of one’s genuine emotions. This makes the Throat Chakra the pivotal centre of healthy flow for the entire Chakra system. When our personal truths flow without restriction, energy is free to spiral upward through the lower level chakras, reaching the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, continuing the path of authentic free expression and natural release.


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