Behind what may be
Is not all that has been seen
For within the shadows of the mirror
there lies secrets
Though secrets that not even she yet know
A life on Earth will be now her journey
Though will this journey break her?
Or will it allow her to see her soul’s truth?
She must travel mind's torments, mind's lusts and mind's furies
in order to discover who and what she is

“In the somber of the shadows, a glow shall be unearthed”

Her people left unknowing. Her own mind lost within the world of man. The truth is held within the depths of her soul and the kindly perceptions of her heart.
But will she listen.

Minds are thrown and hearts are bled. The people of her realm must now travel their own. They must seek for stars dust through the Dell of Depression. They will fight their own demons in mind. All awhile, the beast of dark, Edan, has plans of his own.

Ones in which continue to change the fates of time.

All lives may now carry question, some that bring no answer at all.

Though could it be, that their journey’s become a destiny foreseen,
or shall it be their breaking.